Sunday, July 31, 2016

Never Stops: Mass Shooting In Austin!

There was a mass shooting in Austin, Texas. There was at least one person right now killed and four others who suffered life threatening injuries. The police are searching for the terrorist.

The shooting happened in the Sixth Street entertainment district. The incident happened overnight between 2am and 3am.

The victim was a woman in her 30s and two other women and a man were injured.
At least one person has been killed and several have been injured after a gunman opened fire in Austin, Texas. Pictured, police at the scene
Mass shooting in Austin, Texas.
Besides Barack Obama, Muslims, Black Lives Matter or illegal immigrants will be the first things uttered out the mouths of the gun supporters.

A video posted on social media purported to be from the scene of the shooting showed people running and screaming after shots were heard. Instead of running for their lives, they want to capture the moment so they can share for click bait.

We don't know the name of the victims or the name of the terrorist but I can tell you conservatives will find a way to claim the shooter is.....





Once again, Texas governor Greg Abbott, President Barack Obama and the local leaders will offer their condolences and prayers to the victims. Every time the president speaks out against gun violence, the tone deafness of conservatives will be that Obama's coming for your guns. Now that Hillary Clinton is the nominee for the Democratic Party, the NRA and agitators in the junk food media will say that she's coming for the guns now.

A few days or a few weeks will pass by and then we're off to another mass shooting, a terrorist attack, or a cop shooting.

When it comes to fighting these issues, Donald Trump, Republicans in Congress and conservative agitators use their only muscle they got. It's their tongues and they're getting tongue tied trying to blame everyone else other than the shooter.

Developments will continue.
A woman in her 30s died and at least three more were shot, Austin-County Emergency Medical Services said. Pictured, police at the scene
Another life lost to a senseless mass shooting.
Instead of offering condolences and prayers to the victims, I am going to say that Congress is allowing mass shootings to happen in the United States. They're too busy taking vacations to pass Zika virus funding, highway infrastructure funding, and a gun control or background check law.

They're afraid and inept. If this is what you want for your government, vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Cause they sure as hell ain't doing much to solve the problems. With a Republican controlled Congress, they'll do whatever it takes to repeal laws or throw up road blocks.

They'll keep the little majority of White uneducated individuals fearful of change.

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