Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lumpy Is Angry That Jon Stewart Called Him Out!

Softball Hannity angry at Jon Stewart for calling him out on his bullshit.

Sean "Softball" Hannity (known now as Lumpy) is angry at a comedian. He's really pissed that retired Daily Show host Jon Stewart pointed out bullshit.

He came to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to do a commentary about Donald Trump being the nominee of the Republican Party. Stewart pointed out the hypocrisy of the conservative agitators. He decoded Softball Hannity's relentless attacks on the president. The agitator said that President Barack Obama is.............whatever. Lumpy praised Donald Trump for the very things he hated Obama doing, so Stewart called him out on it.

Jon Stewart acknowledged the situation.

Stewart has a bone to pick with the most annoying conservative agitator to ever host a radio and television show. He believes Softball Hannity is probably one of the reasons to why the country is still stuck in the repetitive circle of stupidity.
Hey it's my old friend...what's his name! Well for the sake of time, he's known as Lumpy.
“Either Lumpy and his friends,” Stewart said, “are lying about being bothered by thin-skinned authoritarian less-than-Christian readers of prompter being president, or they don’t care, as long as it’s their thin-skinned prompter authoritarian tyrant narcissist.”

Softball Hannity got livid.

The conservative agitator went into an epic rant about it.

He told Stewart he’s had his head “so far up Obama’s ass… I’ve never seen anybody kiss an ass like you kiss his.”

“I know you’re a rich liberal. Are you donating money to those families, the 46 million American families on food stamps, Jon? Hey, Jon, are you helping out the 50 million Americans in poverty? Hey, Jon, are you going to help use your wealth from all your comedy writers that lay out the material for you, are you going to help pay down the debt that Obama’s accumulated?”

This goes back to the great feud of 2014. When Stewart called Softball Hannity out for his blind support for White extremist Cliven Bundy, the conservative agitator was going off on him.

Stewart steamrolled over that fool.

To this day the feud continues.

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