Saturday, July 02, 2016

Hillary Clinton Gets Grilled By The FBI!

Clinton heads to the FBI.

The presumptive Democratic nominee is getting interviewed by the FBI today in regards to the email server in the never ending Benghazi scandal. Hillary Clinton is being talked to by the feds about using her personal server instead of a government server.

This interview was over 3 1/2 hours and conducted in Washington, DC. The meeting had been anticipated as the FBI investigates whether classified information was compromised by her email arrangement.

The FBI must now decide if there should be criminal indictments.

This week ends with Republicans crowing about Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting former President Bill Clinton in Phoenix. The encounter lasted 30 minutes but it was enough for the agitators to complain.

Regardless this event should eventually come to an end. If the prosecutor recommends charging anyone (including Clinton) with a criminal charge, Lynch will go forth with it.

Mind you that I don't really consider a scandal!
Hillary Clinton in federal time out. Not likely. 
If Clinton wasn't running for president, this would not be an issue. Obviously, since Republicans hate her and President Barack Obama, they will find a scandal where there isn't one.

They read from The Drudge Report, watch Fox News, and listen to AM agitators. This combination of news agitation creates a bubble. Regardless of how many facts dispelling the lies, conservatives will concoct another reason to doubt the truth.

This revelation came to light back in 2015 when the Benghazi committee found that Clinton was using a personal server. The Republicans and their conservative allies have spent years trying to find a scandal.

Practically costing $9 million in taxpayer's money, the Benghazi incident has been the most partisan event so far in the inept Republican controlled Congress.

This event spent more the 9/11 commission, the JFK assassination, the Watergate scandal and the Iran-Contra scandal.

The event in Benghazi killed American ambassador Chris Stevens, CIA operatives Ty Woods, Glen Doherty and aide Sean Smith.

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