Friday, July 29, 2016

Hara Arena Closed!

Hara Arena, Dayton's oldest public venue closes. 

No where else but Hara!

Dayton iconic venue the Hara Arena and Exhibition Center is closing. It will hold its last event on August 27 before it closes.

The Hamvention, a gathering amateur ham radio operators often hold their events at the facility. The news is devastating to the community. The city of Trotwood is a "ghost town".

Bill Goodman's Gun and Rifle Show, the City's Flea Market, WWE Wrestling, the Dayton Demonz, The Annual Bride Show and high school proms were often held at the Hara Arena.

Not to mention rock shows, hip-hop concerts and monster truck rallies were held at the event.

According to the local news agitators, the venue's internal legal fight couldn't be solved.

The Wamplers are feuding with one another over the direction of the depleted complex. When you pass by it, it looks so run down and it was in need of repairs.

Trotwood hopes to score the Montgomery County Fairgrounds near the property. Mind you that Dayton was hoping to convert the current venue into a mix-used lifestyle center.

Kind of reminds me of the failed Ballpark Village.

Sad days are ahead in Dayton, Ohio.

Matter of fact, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were supposed to have their first debate at the Wright State University's Nutter Center. The event was canceled and it cost Dayton badly.

They claimed that event would cost $8 - 10 million. Wright State University will be passed on when 2020 comes.

Dayton a rust belt city with 137,000 residents A city that sits within 70 miles of Columbus, 90 miles of Indianapolis and 60 miles of Cincinnati. Dayton is a city that has no value whatsoever.

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