Friday, July 22, 2016

Feds Look Into Brutal Arrest Of Texas Schoolteacher!

The Texas Department of Safety is doing an investigation into the Austin Police officer who arrested an elementary school teacher. She was thrown to the ground twice and was detained.

While in the police cruiser, the second officer said that to her  "Blacks have 'violent' tendencies.

Where's Sheriff David Clarke when you need someone to deny this ever happened?

Breaion King is counting her blessings that she wasn't killed. After all if she was, the conservative media would troll her social media pages to find something to justify this abuse of power by the law.
Breaion King tearfully recounts the encounter.
They remain silent on the shooting of a Miami man who was shot in the leg when he told the law he had his hands up and the other guy had special needs and wasn't harming anyone.

Bryan Richter is in the freezer for this event. He made a traffic stop that escalated rapidly in the seven seconds from the encounter. This incident happened in June 2015. Now it's shown on camera he slammed her on the ground twice.

As she was being driven to county lockup. She was placed in the back of Patrick Spradlin's vehicle.

She asked him why this country is hard on Black people. He said that Black people can be intimidating.

Austin's police chief Art Acevedo said that the whole ordeal should have been handled without force.

He said that Richter will face some mandatory time without pay, proper retraining and probably a ban from social media contact. Spradlin will face a ban from social media as well.

This is an example of why Blacks have a distrust with those in law enforcement.

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