Monday, July 11, 2016

Diamond Reynolds: The Media Is Painting [Philando] Like He's A Criminal!

The woman who captured the shooting of Philando Castile goes to the junk food media to clear his name. She denounces the conservative agitator's accuastions of him being a criminal by birth.

I watched ABC's The View and GMA today. The woman who filmed the fatal shooting of a Minnesota man which sparked outrage in the Black community came to the junk food media to denounce the tactics of conservatives. Conservatives are slandering the names of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. They want to say they were involved in gangs and have lengthy criminal history.

They accused the men of disrespecting the law. They both had firearms on them. The cops put the work in them. Alton was on the ground. Philando was in his car.

Diamond "Lavish" Reynolds with her attorney were talking to the junk food media about how this impacted her. She said that the officer now identified as Jeronimo Yanez shot her boyfriend after he was trying to reach for his wallet. The officer and his lawyer deny this and claim that he was reaching for the firearm.

If it wasn't for the power of social media and camera phones, the police would cover up evidence and find ways to smear the victim. They often drive the narrative that Black suspects are often likely to be more dangerous to cops than White suspects.

Many comparisons come to mind. The Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas where a white man grabs the gun of an officer. He was not killed. He's sent to a psychological facility and later charged with a state crime. A white man rushes the stage at Trump rally in Dayton, Ohio. He was restrained and arrested. He was not killed. He is facing federal charges.

A former Stanford University swimmer raped an unconscious woman. He was charged and convicted of the crime. He was sentenced to 10 years in-house, 1 year in the iron college with time suspended, and a lifetime enrollment in Offender's U. No life without parole sentence. A former Indiana University student raped two women by penetrating their bodies when they were sleeping after being drunk. He was charged and convicted of the crime. He was sentenced to less than 5 years of in-house, an enrollment in Offender's U and payment to the victims. No life in the iron college without parole.
Answers.  A police officer shot Philando Castile in front of Diamond Reynolds and her daughter.
Each crime sheds light on how Black suspects are harshly sentenced for criminal acts while Whites get easier sentences.

The fact that the junk food media is bringing up the traffic violations of Philando is disgusting. It's giving the public the notion that his death was justified.

It took the NRA over four days to finally react to the notion that Philando was a legally armed citizen. He had a conceal carry permit. The NRA supports open carry laws in many states.

Last night, I listened to this loudmouth Bill Cunningham. He is a conservative agitator from Cincinnati who hosts a radio program Monday through Fridays and nationally on Sundays. He also host a Jerry Springer-themed talk show on many CW and Fox stations.

He and many like him are concern trolling and blaming #BlackLivesMatter for the actions of a terrorist who killed five Dallas police officers. The terrorist was targeting White cops and the cries of reverse racism and Obama keep popping up in the internet community.
This Black extremist called Diamond Reynolds a Black bitch.
Kevin Jackson, this black conservative concern troll who has a blog and radio show called Diamond "Lavish" Reynolds, the woman who filmed her boyfriend being shot by a St. Anthony Police officer, a crazy bitch.  He says that she failed to render aid and was so eager to post on social media how cops are bad. Of course, ignoring the fact that the officer told her not to move and she had the camera on throughout the aftermath of the shooting.

Cunningham, Jackson and many other conservatives assume that Philando Castile is the suspect in a robbery of a gas station. The ConservativeTreeHouse, a notorious white extremist website "confirms" that Philando was the suspect wanted in the robbery four days before the shooting. They claim that evidence of Diamond holding a pack of Newport cigarettes as proof.

They claim the robber took off with money and a few cartons of Newport cigarettes.

Whoopi Goldberg, Sonny Hostin and Joy Baher tore into Rudy Giuliani today. They said that for a White privileged asshole like the former mayor, he's sure one to talk. His rhetoric was not helpful in the time of mourning and Whoopi pointed out the White people marching holding the sign as well.

Whoopi said that if Black Lives Matter is a racist group why are Black and White people marching together.

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