Monday, July 25, 2016

Could There Be A Racially Motivated Terrorist In Phoenix?

The FBI is searching for a terrorist who murdered seven people in a serial shooting.

Did you know there is a terrorist in the city of Phoenix, Arizona shooting innocent civilians?

If you haven't heard about this, you're in the dark about it. There is a suspect on the loose in the metro area and the local junk food media is calling the terrorist the "Serial Street Shooter"/

The FBI and Arizona authorities are trying to pinpoint the location most frequently traveled by this terrorist.

Seven people were murdered in cold blood and there's no sign of any arrest in this tragedy.

A criminal profiler in the area says to ABC 15 that the shooter's motivations doesn't make any sense.

"His motivation may well be some anger, rage, issue in reference to that part of the city, a history that he had years ago. It will probably not make any sense once it's determined, but that's what drives these folks," said Brad Garrett, a former FBI special agent and criminal profiler.

He believes the shooter is keeping trophies. He wants to be recognized for his actions. There may be a suspect who might be buying up newspapers, keeping video coverage and subliminally posting on social media.

The victims included: Diego Verdugo-Sanchez, Krystal White, Horacio De Jesus Pena, Manuel Castro Garcia, Angela Linner, Maleah Ellis and Stefanie Ellis.

The feds are describing the terrorist as a thin man in his 20s, possibly Hispanic.

They are offering a huge payday for the arrest of this terrorist.

"Someone out there knows who did this. We need our community to call us or Silent Witness and help us solve these cases, bring justice to these families and victims, and prevent more violence from occurring," said Phoenix Police Department chief Joseph Yahner.

While we can't understand what drives these people to kill, the one thing that often comes to mind is the easy access to firearms?
This is the alleged terrorist.
This terrorist probably has no criminal history and probably was inspired to kill by events recently.

This callous killer needs to be place in the iron college.

World News Today send our condolences to the victims of this senseless shooting.

Again I am getting tired of sending my condolences to the victims. I am demanding that Congress do something about these tragedies. We had numerous mass shootings every month. The NRA has a huge grip on the lawmakers. They refuse to pass even a stricter background check.

Republicans in Congress wants President Barack Obama to take on terrorism and anti-police killers.

He can't do nothing if Congress refuses to take up any issue related to high powered firearms.

They don't give a damn when it comes to giving these so-called "radical Islamic terrorists" access to firearms.

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