Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Mean Orange And Slick Banana!

Trump love 'em some Hoosier.

Mike Pence is likely going to be the veep for Donald Trump. The Indiana governor has one day to decide on whether he's going to run for reelection or run for Trump's second banana.

News is being floated that the U.S. Secret Service will be heading to Indianapolis soon to give Pence a lift. The vice presidential pick will accompany Donald Trump at the Trump tower in New York.

The Trump campaign has been mum on the speculation of who's going to be the running mate.

Pence, formerly the House Majority Whip who represented the 6th Congressional District which included suburban areas east of Indianapolis and suburban areas west of Cincinnati. He was born in Columbus, Indiana. He is married to Karen and has three children.

He  resigned from Congress to run for governor of Indiana.

 He would win in a landslide.

During his first term, he was marred with scandals and controversy. He signed off a religious freedom law that openly discriminated against LGBT residents. It caused a huge backlash and it forced him to recall portions of the law. The boycott was going to push NCAA men's basketball away from Indy.

Pence said nice things about Donald Trump. He even said that although he'll support Ted Cruz and his running mate Carly Fiorina, Trump has a lot of energy here in Indiana.

Pence will be the safest choice given that the others were more toxic. Pence is a social and fiscal conservative. He is a part of the establishment. He does have experience in government and how to help Trump maneuver moderate Republicans to their campaign.

Will it make a difference?

I don't know. Pence is going to be more of an attack dog to the Trump campaign. It will give conservatives some ease. It will also make the possibility of Republicans finally uniting around a candidate that's credibility is sketchy at best.

The rest of the contenders running for the nomination are extremely flawed. Chris Christie gave President Barack Obama props for Hurricane Sandy. Christie also has the worst record as governor of a state. Jeff Session is too extreme and pro-Confederate. He has said racially ignorant things about Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims. Michael Flynn is an anti-Islamic Democrat who is pro-choice. He is a kookspiracy nut who believes the Muslims are hiding under his bed. Newt Gingrich is a washed up ham. He has more scandals than you can imagine. The Democrats could make the case of hypocrisy given that Trump's married three times and Newt was married three times. They both went after Bill Clinton for his allegations of cheating.

Well it looks like Newt Gingrich is out. Softball Hannity has paid for Newt's trip to Indianapolis to get a little time with Trump.

So far, Trump also got some support after Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg spoke ill of him. She said that Trump being the president is a disaster to human rights and American liberties.

Trump has also canceled his trip to Cincinnati to do the NAACP Convention.

Trump will also appear on Softball Hannity's program with his running mate.

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