Friday, June 17, 2016

We Haven't Forgotten The Massacre In Charleston!

Innocence lost on this day. The Charleston massacre marks a milestone.

It's been one year since the tragic mass shooting at the Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. On this day, a terrorist would enter the predominantly Black church and massacre nine worshipers. One included a pastor who was a state senator.

Now we're in the first week since the massacre in Orlando and yet nothing has changed on the gun issue.

Every mass shooting in the United States sparks a rise in gun sales. The NRA and Republican lawmakers continue to push the good guy with a gun narrative. It's a pathetic way to ignore the real issue facing our country.


Terrorist find it very easy to acquire firearms. They know that Republicans are weak on legislation to stop them. They openly encourage potential madmen to find straw buyers and lapse laws.

Even in the wake of the Orlando tragedy, we skirted past the previous murderer. This guy lived in North Carolina and had deep seated hatred towards Black people. He told his friend that he's going to start a race war. The friend thought he was joking. Turns out he wasn't and he carried out the massacre on a Wednesday night while church as doing nightly service.

The terrorist managed to escape. He managed to make it to North Carolina before he nabbed by the law.

Now this terrorist is facing federal hate crime and state murder charges. The feds proposed the Death Card if he's found guilty of all nine counts of murder.

This terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

The one thing good that came out this situation was the remove of the losing flag from the state house grounds. The terrorist had posted on social media his love for the losing flag. It took a lot of pressure from the junk food media to make the losing flag history last year. #BlackLivesMatter, the NAACP, President Barack Obama, and the world forced Republican governor Nikki Haley to denounce the losing flag.

In July, the flag went down. It spread like wildfire. The flag was removed from many institutions and state houses.
No remorse.
To this day, the issues of gun violence are often met with little or no action from the Republican controlled Congress. Ever since the first shooting under the president's watch, Congress has been slow on getting legislation through.

Hopefully, this could spark the flame to kick the Republicans back to the minority.

As a majority, they have wasted too much time trying to stop the president. The president has been all to nice to the Republican majority and the NRA. He gave them all they wanted and yet they haven't done nothing for him.

Mass shootings are an everyday thing here in the United States.

Mind you if the shootings in Charleston, Umpqua Community College, San Bernardino and now Orlando doesn't spark discussion on gun control, what will?

How about a member of Congress being shot! Oops, Gabby Giffords was shot at point blank range.

Giffords barely survived a shooting in the head. She is permanently disabled. She was a staunch gun supporter but after this, she turned into one of the leading voices in the gun control movement.

Nothing changed that day! Nothing has changed so far. It's already being ignored now that the victims are being buried. What happens next? Another mass shooting....or perhaps an animal attacking a child.

World News Today continue to cover the Orlando shooting.

I made it back to Ohio. I was in Niagara Falls and Toronto. I also made a few stops in Buffalo, Cleveland, Akron and Columbus, Ohio.

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