Monday, June 20, 2016

Trump Fires His Top Thug!

Trump fires his body man.

Donald Trump had to deliver his trademark "You're fired" on his top man. Corey Lewandowsky is fired out the cannon weeks ahead of the Republican National Convention.

Lewandowsky was a controversial figure in the Trump campaign.  He was caught up in his own issue when he shoved a news agitator at a Trump rally.

It's the ominous signs of a struggling campaign.

Trump is trying to rebound from a few weeks of mishaps and Republican concern. Trump is still struggling to win appeal from the establishment.

Trump's inner circle was extremely worried by the falling poll numbers.

They want Trump to focus only on Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

With Trump focusing on Republicans who are going against him, it's causing a huge distraction that may keep GOP donors away from him.

Michelle Fields now works at the Huffington Post and I can only imagine how she feels about this bit of news.

Lewandowsky went to CNN to thank Trump for allowing him be a part of an "amazing " campaign.

Word on the street, Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka were not pleased with the campaign and they wanted dad to get rid of him.

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