Sunday, June 12, 2016

Trolls Call The Orlando Victims "Crisis Actors"!

According to online trolls, grieving mother Christine Leinonen is a "crisis actor". Her son Christopher could be one of the victims of this mass shooting. Chris and his boyfriend were shot at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.


Facebook activated the "I AM SAFE" option yet again. They have ignored the other tragedies in the world.

Facebook, the social media titan is the gateway for trolls and racists to act out in the wake of an event.

Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, and Reddit are giving credence to anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT and anti-Obama rhetoric.

Ignorance is a part of America. You can't do nothing to stop it. In the court of public opinion, you fixated on one thing. Blaming someone other than the shooter.

It's unfortunate that the agitators are too stupid to notice or they just don't give a fuck about it.

We can't bring back the dead. And there's no acting in the wake of a horrific mass shooting. This act of terrorism already sparks the political blame game. Conservatives show "concern" for the victims.

Conservatives will have a "told you so moment". The terrorist is a Muslim. He targeted gays. The junk food media and liberal agitators vilified conservatives who were anti-gay. The event happened in liberal Orlando. The excuse of a good guy with a gun will be floated once again by those in the AM agitator realm.

Now I've been hearing word that some in the Alex Jones universe is calling the most deadliest shooting in history fake.

They believe the grieving families and the victims are crisis actors.

Damn, we're living in dire straits. This country is going down the drain if we elected bigots like Donald Trump to the White House.

These folks are supporters of the global conspiracy movement. These folks believe 9/11 is an inside job. They believe that the Sandy Hook victims and family members were all actors engaged in a federal plot to confiscate firearms.

The Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando sparked feverish debate over terrorism and gun control.

No amount of prayers and calls of saying "radical Islam" could bring back those lost in this tragedy.

World News Today once again covers this horrific tragedy and the death of Christina Grimmie.

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