Thursday, June 23, 2016

SCOTUS Keeps Affirmative Action In College Admins!

Supreme Court ruled in an affirmative action case.

With the Supreme Court overwhelmed at eight, cases will be either evenly divided or lopsided with no real results. When the Court rules, it's over. Regardless of who wins or loses, the Supreme Court of the United States is the final leg of a federal case.

Abigail Fisher comes out the loser in her case against the University of Texas Austin.

She took her case of affirmative action to the Court. She was denied entry into the college. The court's 4-3 decision continues the college entry rules.

Fisher v. University of Texas, concerned an unusal program and contained a waring to other university that not all affirmative action programs will pass constitutional muster. The New York Times added, that the ruling's basica message was that admissions officials may continue to consider race as one factor among many in ensuring a diverse student body.

Elana Kagan backed off the case because she had ties to the University of Texas.
Abigail Fisher and her conservative allies lost this one.
President Barack Obama was pleased with the decision. "I'm pleased that the Supreme Court upheld the basic notion that diversity is an important value in our society," he said today.

"We are not a country that guarantees equal outcomes, but we do strive to provide an equal shot to everybody".

Anthony Kennedy sided with the Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor in the majority. Kennedy wrote that the courts must give university substantial but not total leeway in designing their admission programs.

The disagreement of consent came from Samuel Alito. He practically slammed the decision. He said that the university had not demonstrated the need for race-based admissions and that the Texas program benefited advantaged students over impoverish ones.

Conservatives were hoping that this decision would eliminate the quotas.

Say if you came from a bad school and graduated at top rank and were accepted to a privileged college but tested lower than the student from a higher performance school, you would be getting a leg up.

Fisher and conservatives were hoping to end this.

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