Monday, June 13, 2016

Rocko: Future Is Truly A "Meathead" When To Comes To The Money!

Rocko is mocking Future by calling him "Meathead". Future previously known as Meathead the Future. The Dungeon Family signed Future as a member of the group Da Connect. Rocko (right) stands with LA Reid (center) and Future (left).

Atlanta's codeine obsessed trap rapper is feuding with his old rhyming partna, Rocko da Don.

Rocko is suing Future and Epic Records over missed royalties and breach of contract. Rocko is asking for $13 million in damages. Future recorded four albums under Epic Records and one through Cash Money Records/Universal Republic with Drake.

Future is a signed act on A1 Records, the label that Rocko created. Future is signed under contract to make six albums. He is working on his fifth album slated for Winter release.

Future is laughing off the lawsuit. He believe that Rocko's light dims every time he opens his mouth.

Rocko decides embarrass Future by recapping his old rap name. Back in the day, Future was known as Meathead the Future and was rocking with the Dungeon Family. He was rhyming with Da Connect, a group that often worked with OutKast and the Goodie Mob. Future wasn't as big back in the 2000s. When he met Rocko, he learned the game and used it well.

When Rocko signed a deal with LA Reid and Jermaine Dupri during their reign on Def Jam, Future was there with him. Rocko left Def Jam and signed on to Epic Records to disturb his label A1 Entertainment. Rocko signed Future to the label.

Future denies ever getting help and said that ankle biting from Rocko hasn't helped much in sales.

Rocko is giving ammunition to Future's rival Desiigner. Future is engaged in a serious feud with New York rapper Desiigner after the single Panda took off. The rapper sounds very similar to Future and it's gotten some junk food media coverage.

Rocko said that he helped "Meathead" since 2006. He said that if it wasn't for him, "Meathead" wouldn't have the deals, the collaborations with Drake, Gucci Mane, and the hookup with Ciara.

Future is getting his Freebandz Records together. He teamed up with Black Migo Gang leader Young Scooter to make the label. The label is starting to sign acts and Rocko is not a part of that.

Rocko had gave Future his break and I guess the rapper gave him the finger.

Future is the hottest act in hip-hop. He's turned up and blasting off. But that "Meathead" label might stick around a bit. Assured that rappers who feud with Future will now refer to him as that god awful name.

Note: Future is the father of five children. One of the children comes from my second cousin who met him when he wasn't famous.

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