Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Privileged White Rape Suspect's Punishment Sparks Fury!

Rape suspect gets light sentence and the public is outraged.

There's controversy over the sentencing of an ex-Stanford swimmer who was found guilty of sexual assault. An Ohio man was sentenced in a California court for the charges. The charges were considered lenient by many in the junk food media.

Brock Turner is right now awaiting sentencing. He was sentenced to six months in the iron college, ten years of in-house and he will have to register as a TIER III for the rest of his life.

Turner was caught raping a woman who was intoxicated and some people noticed him getting it on behind a dumpster. When two men saw him, he took off. The woman was unconscious and partly clothed. The men caught Turner and held him until the law came.

Turner is appealing the decision. In the meantime, he is willing to serve his sentence at home.

Here's where the outrage begins. He is a privileged White man who got away with a very serious crime. Now he, his father and the judge are getting a slew of criticism and death threats.

And it's greatly deserved. There is a recall effort to take the judge out of power. He gave the sentence.

His father is facing flack for complaining about the sentence. He said that his son going to jail ruined his life for a mere "20 minutes of action".

The judge Aaron Persky handed Turner the lightest sentence ever imaginable. In the sentencing the judge said, "A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I think he will not be a danger to others."

The judge is an alumnus of Stanford University and that's giving the notion that it was I'll scratch your back, If you scratch mine.

Turner claims that the act was consensual but the victim denies that and feels that the judge ruined her life. She wrote a rebuttal saying that she can't live a normal life because of Turner. She gave up the booze and now hangs around her mom's home fearing the future.

Turner's weak charge brings up charges of racial injustice.

A former #BlackLivesMatter activist was sentenced to the iron college for four years for an alleged lynching charge. She was interfering with Pasadena Police as they were taking a suspect into custody and she got into a verbal confrontation with the law. She made a threat to the police and they arrested her for the crime. She was just found guilty on the charge. Richards is appealing the decision.

Jasmine Abdullah Richards was spared a four year bid. Many in the junk food media were criticizing the sentence because they felt that she was getting shafted by an obscure California law.

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