Monday, June 20, 2016

O'Reilly Threatens To Slap A Black Lawmaker!

Always the asshole, O'Reilly goes after Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC).

Sometimes you want to slap the shit out of some people. That's figuratively speaking of course. But for those in the junk food media, what you say could end up getting you fired out the cannon.

It's a damn shame that Bill O'Reilly hasn't gotten fired out the cannon for all the shit that comes vomiting out his mouth. He is still the reigning king of agitation. The O'Reilly Factor continues to be America's top cable news program. And despite the boycotts, the hand wringing and the bitter feuds with people he deem "pinheads", O'Reilly is still on making the Fox News executives rich.

His demeanor and his attitude towards others is disgusting. 

The way he treats others is the reason why he's a divorced man. The way he acts is the reason why his children aren't in his custody. 

He's feuding with Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) over the Orlando massacre. 

He accused the Democrats of being soft on terrorism and turning the focus solely on firearms.

The Politico reports that the conservative agitator made an appearance on Fox & Friends when he let his tongue slip. 
Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC).
It just angers me. There’s two separate issues: There's the terrorism, and there’s the gun control. But what was it, Congressman Clyburn, is that his name?" O'Reilly said.

Then O'Reilly launched into an impression of Clyburn's voice and speech patterns: "It’s not about terrorism; it's about gun control," referring to comments Clyburn made on MSNBC on Tuesday, a day after he followed a moment of silence for the Orlando victims by asking House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) when gun-control legislation would be considered.

"You know, and I just want to slap him," O'Reilly said, adding, "with all due respect."

"You know? What is it going to take? Do the ISIS people have to come to your backyard, do they have to put you in the cage? Because they will," O’Reilly continued. "So when you start to — when you start to tell Americans lies, that there isn’t a terror threat, that it's all about gun control, only if we banned all guns we'd be safe from ISIS. When you start to lie at that level, and it's acceptable lies, then we're in trouble as a country."

Clyburn's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

O’Reilly said in the same segment that Congress should be able to decide whether there are certain weapons that cannot be sold to the public.

"I mean, look, I think that Americans who are sane — there are crazy people on the right, too — I get letters, like, 'I want my assault rifles, and don’t you come near me!' Listen, pal, this isn't anarchy here," O’Reilly said, giving another impression of an outraged viewer. "If Congress decides there are certain weapons [that] can't be sold to the public, that's our country. You can't buy a mortar, you can't have hand grenades, so if there are giant rifles with big clips that Congress believes is a danger, then that's what we accept. Let's debate it and vote on it."

The Congressional Black Congress call upon O'Reilly to formally apologize to Clyburn.

O'Reilly shrugged off the calls for an apology. In typical fashion, O'Reilly brings up the murder rate in Chicago. The city has experienced another rough summer with gun violence.

Conservatives continue to run this bullshit about Black violence being ignored by the Congressional Black Caucus, #BlackLivesMatter and President Barack Obama. It just don't get much coverage on Fox News because they're too busy demonizing Black leaders.


Congressman Clyburn has been actively calling for an assault weapons ban. His state was the site of the Charleston massacre at Mother Emanuel AME Church. 

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