Sunday, June 05, 2016

NYPD Sergeant Gets Trigger Happy With Man Filming!

Plain clothes NYPD officer in the freezer after she snatched a citizen's camera and unlawfully arrested him.

Patrick Lynch, the racist police union leader of the NYPD will try to defend the actions of a female sergeant who pointed her firearm at a man recording her arresting another man in the hallway of Brooklyn apartment.

Diana Pichardo is in the freezer pending a disciplinary hearing. She was filmed berating David Rivera and then arresting him after he was saying it's his constitutional right to film officers while on duty.

He also had surveillance cameras in his home. It recorded the NYPD doing a warrantless search of his home.

When David released it to the junk food media and social media, the Brooklyn district attorney dropped the felonious assault and disorderly conduct charges.

On top of that Pichardo has a history with unnecessary roughness. The NYPD had to do an apology tour after an incident in which she's under federal watch. She was a defendant in a federal probe that cost the city of New York $400,000.
This was unacceptable.
For 13 years, Pichardo (known by her underlings as Pocahontas) was running Brooklyn's Coney Island. She took her job way too seriously.

David said to the New York Daily News, that he was watching a movie with his girlfriend when he heard a noise outside his door. So as expected, he steps out and see a group of men and women wrestling with a man. So he grabs his cell phone and records the confrontation.

As women were screaming, Pichardo rushes in between them and then points her gun at David.

David said "Don't point that gun at me!". The cops ordered David to back to his apartment. He still records when an officer ordered him to close the door. He said, "Don't close my door! I'm inside my apartment, you have no right to shut my door!" After a brief engagement with a plain clothes officer, Pichardo confronts David and calls him a motherfucker and takes his camera. After a brief engagement of verbal, David was then arrested and sat in the lockup for 43 hours without being charged.

He plans on filing a complaint and hopes that she loses her badge after this event. 

Watch the video.

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