Friday, June 03, 2016

Muhammad Ali In Dire Straits!

Muhammad Ali not doing well.

The family confirms that legendary boxer and activist Muhammad Ali is at a Phoenix hospital being treated for respiratory failure. The family confirms that it's not looking good.

At first check, many thought it's a mild illness. Turns out to be worst than expected.

The Evening Standard reports that being placed on life support as the family prepares for the wake.

He is said to be suffering respiratory issues that are reportedly complicated by the Parkinson’s disease that was diagnosed in the 1980s.

But two people close to the former heavyweight champion have said that Ali’s condition is concerning to his family members.

A source told the Mirror: “Like in the ring, Ali is a fighter on the ward. Doctors are working to regulate his breathing put it is being hampered by his Parkinson’s.

“His children are all extremely concerned and dropped everything to be with him. They fear the worst.

“Ali is everything to them and there are worried his problems are worse than first feared.”

The sources have reportedly declined to be identified because they were not speaking on behalf of Ali’s family.

Bob Gunnell, Ali’s spokesman, said in a statement on Thursday that the former heavyweight champion was in a “fair” condition and a brief hospital stay was expected.

Mr Gunnell said in an email Friday there was no update on Ali's condition.

Dr Abraham Lieberman, the boxer’s long term Parkinson’s doctor, declined to comment any further on Ali’s condition when contacted by the Associated Press.

He said: “I can’t really say much more than what’s in the papers.”

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