Thursday, June 30, 2016

Made For TV!

An Iowa news reporter gets a verbal shout down by a racist.

The Raw Story reports a story that might get your blood boiling. A local news agitator was called a NIGGER by a woman while doing a story. Emmy Victor, and Zachary Hayes were working for an Iowa news station doing a story about an officer involved shooting in the area when one of the residents came out and starting shouting at her. She told her to get the fuck out of here.

She say that Victor that she was an ugly NIGGER.

The woman's son 28-year-old Michael Disbrowe, was shot and killed by officers after they responded to a complaint that a man was “threatening people with a gun.” Disbrowe reportedly drew a gun from his waistband when confronted by officers, then refused to obey their orders to put the gun down.

The state Division of Criminal Investigation said that Disbrowe then raised the weapon toward the officers and moved toward them, prompting them to shoot. He later died at a local hospital.

The woman was upset. However she was way out of line when she tried to grab the microphone and shield the camera.

KCCI General Manager Brian Sather issued a statement about the attack saying, "The safety of our crews is critically important as they cover stories affecting our communities. This morning Emmy and Zach demonstrated the utmost professionalism in the face of a very difficult, emotionally-charged situation."

Victor and Hayes have press charges against the woman.

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