Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jessica Williams Leaves The Daily Show!

Jessica Williams leaves The Daily Show. 

It's been a great four years on The Daily Show but the time is now for Jessica Williams to move forward. She announced on social media that she will leave The Daily Show and focus on her comedy podcast 2 Dope Queens.

Jessica is the youngest contributor to The Daily Show. Her announcement was reported by EW.

“I feel so many emotions,” Williams tells EW in an exclusive interview, which you can read in full below. “I feel like I’m growing up and graduating.”

Daily Show host Trevor Noah was similarly bittersweet about the news. “The sadness I have for Jessica leaving is only eclipsed by the joy I have for her starting her new show,” he said in an email. “If her podcast is anything to go by, it’s going to be an exciting show!”

Like a lot of Daily Show talent, Williams was a relative unknown when she joined the show in January 2012. Her debut quickly changed that: At 22, she was not only the youngest correspondent to work on the series but also the first black woman to hold the position. Now 26, she’ll be the first correspondent to step down since Noah took the reins from Jon Stewart nearly a year ago.

The folks over at Comedy Central bid farewell to Jessica.

On Thursday, Trevor Noah and the crew will give Jessica a special tribute to her work on The Daily Show.

Throughout her time at The Daily Show, Jessica laid some impressive and informative satire towards the issues facing Black America.

She boldly took on the issues such as the treatment of unarmed suspects by police, the Fox News Channel, interracial dating and how to deal with professional women in the workplace.

When Jon Stewart retired from The Daily Show, there was speculation that Jessica was going to be the next host. In the movie Hot Tub Time Machine, they had Jessica hosting The Daily Show.

One of the best moments is when Jessica, Wyatt Cynac and Larry Wilmore tore into Softball Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Matt Drudge for deliberately race-baiting in the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

World News Today wishes Jessica Williams well on her journey.

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