Friday, June 24, 2016

Ignorance Affects Britain! Brits Exits EU!

The United Kingdom separates from the European Union and the markets tank.

The ignorance of the right wing reigns in the United Kingdom. Today the Brits exit the European Union causing a ripple effect across the global markets.

Hate and nationalism has stuck a cord with the Brits. 

Former London mayor Boris Johnson claims victory.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claims victory.

The conservatives are happy.

David Cameron, the current Prime Minister of the British Crown is resigning from officer in less than 90 days. He and President Barack Obama voiced concerns about the exit. They believe that the Brexit could ruin the world economy.

Racism and xenophobia were contributing factors to the Brits leaving the EU.

The 27 nations of the European Union will now have to worry about the impact on the global economy.

Britain's nationalist stance will affect the world. It may fuel more interest in Donald Trump's campaign.

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