Saturday, June 25, 2016

Feds Bust White Drug Cartel Trafficking Hard!

Feds bust up a drug cartel trapping out of a college campus.

The Raw Story reports that the feds stop a South Carolina drug cartel who were trafficking the hard for years without being caught. It was one of Charleston, SC's biggest drug busts in the city's history.

These individuals were present and former members of the College of Charleston. They were funneling hundreds of dollars of cocaine, pills, and other narcotics into downtown's rave scene.

They were selling the hard straight out of the campus. They were operating in million-dollar homes steps away from the college oak-shaded courtyards, networks of students and former students stamped out pills by the thousands with a factory-grade press using chemicals from Chinese internet suppliers and other sources.

These people were drug lords in their given right.
Samantha Hincks, 26; Zackery Kligman, 24; Daniel Katko, 25; Robert Liljeberg, 22; Benjamin Nauss, 23; Jake Poeschek, 21; Jonathan Reams, 19; Michael Schmidt, 21; and Christopher Sliker, 22 (Mug shots)
Feds bust a South Carolina drug cartel. These drug lords were selling out the trap with no remorse.

Samantha Hincks (age 26), Daniel Katko (age 25), Zackary Kligman (age 24), Robert Liljeberg (age 22), Benjamin Nauss (age 23), Jake Poeschek (age 21), Jonathan Reams (age 19), Michael Schmidt (age 21) and Christopher Sliker (age 22) were busted by the feds.

Each of these drug lords were in their early 20s, white and generally privileged. They left a paper trail of criminality by posting on social media their spending habits. They were bragging about being on private planes, eating at fancy restaurants and partying with the local elites.

These drug lords had "pledged" support to a local fraternity. One man arrested in the law's investigation of therm was telling pledges to "run errands" to get in. One of the drug lords was a former president of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity.

They used to host parties where the girls got into the lean. They got turned up by the lean being spiked with the Xanny family.  The pledges were turned up. They found interest in the lifestyle.

A gunman put in the work on a young man. Patrick Moffly was shot in the chest at his apartment.

Moffly, 23, son of a former Charleston County school board member, had connections to the drug cartel. He was lying in a pool of blood surrounded by Xanax pills.

Moffly's death is a part of this probe into who ordered the hit on the young man.

Officers discovered a cache of drugs and money in this home on 47 Ashley Avenue.

The yayo was inside a false bottom of an Arizona Tea can in a bedroom refrigerator. Over $7,500 in Xanax pills and $7,000 in marijuana were found in small baggies. One bag was labeled, "Jolly Rancher".

Hincks and her boytoy Poescheck were the first arrested in this. They were part of The Citadel but dropped out.

Charleston Police, the ATF, and U.S. Attorney's Office of South Carolina is determined to put these individuals in federal time out for a long time.

The Charleston Police express anger at the college community for not tipping them off to this. This drug cartel was running the game for nearly five years without a peep.

A man's life was taken away and the college students played the "no snitch" policy.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Patrick Moffly.

The individuals are innocent until proven guilty. These individuals involved in federal drug trafficking could face a maximum penalty of 30 years to LIFE in federal time out. They also could face a fine that could total over $250,000. If they were involved in the murder of the Patrick Moffly, they could face state charges that could be classified as a "DEATH CARD" sentence.

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