Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cop Walk in Freddie Gray Murder!

The cop who drove the van that carried Freddie Gray to his death found not guilty.

It seems like it's impossible for cop to convicted on the murder of unarmed suspects. The Baltimore Court found Caesar Goodson not guilty in negligent homicide of Freddie Gray.

The second degree murder charge was a tall order for prosecutors. 

It just didn't stick because Goodson was not intentionally trying to kill Freddie.

Goodson was the driver who transported Freddie Gray to the lockup. 

Freddie was severely injured after being transported to lockup. He was placed on a ventilator before being declared brain dead. 

Goodson was the one who got the most charges in this.

Judge Barry Williams said there wasn't enough evidence to convict Goodson.

Goodson's freedom assures that notion that the remaining three officers would walk.

The travesty of justice once again proves that the blue wall of silence still exist. 

It makes it harder for the law to get witnesses in the case of a criminal act. It might rile up residents. 

Even with it being filmed, an unarmed Black suspect can be killed. The cops can lie and slander their way out of a murder. The unarmed Black suspect will always be seen through the lense of #AllLivesMatter and White conservatives as guilty of a crime and responsible of his own death. 

Freddie Gray's death sparked unrest and rioting in the city. It eventually led to Anthony Batts being fired out the cannon as the city's police commissioner and Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake not seeking reelection.

Goodson is getting protective security after the verdict. He's told the junk food media that he's been getting death threats from this.

He is the third officer who managed to walk in the case. This is another blow to Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby.

So far this event gives me the notion that Black lives doesn't matter. A cop or a vigilante can beat the system because of entitlement. After all we're supposed to trust the cops, right?

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