Saturday, June 11, 2016

Christina Grimmie Passed Away!

Entertainer's sudden death sparks the gun violence debate.

A senseless act of violence ended the life of an aspiring entertainer. Christina Grimmie was killed after she was giving autographs to her supporters at an Orlando concert.

The gunman was subdued but ended up putting the lead in himself after he bucked her.

The 22-year old singer was apart of the hit NBC series The Voice. She was the third place contestant on the show.

Social media went ablaze after it was announced of her death. She had just posted on Twitter the previous day saying that she's looking forward to heading to the event.

The junk food media has been buzzing about this. It's reach the White House. It's giving more examples to the rise in gun violence.

Sad end for a great talent. The Orlando Police is investigating the suspect's motives. They haven't released the name of the suspect or what drove him to do such a horrible act.

She broke out into the mainstream from social media. She was on YouTube when she started building her career. She went to The Voice season 6 to perform and won praises from the judges. 

They need to do something about protecting celebrities and politicians. Celebrities are often targeted by stalkers. Congress is inept. They didn't pass legislation to fund DHS and organizations because of the embolden support of the gun lobby. We need policies on how to protect celebrities and high profile individuals. 

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Christina Grimmie. The world lost a great talent who at such a young age was gunned down by a callous terrorist.

We are covering the Orlando massacre.

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