Tuesday, June 21, 2016

California Pastor Lost His Church Because He Cheered The Orlando Massacre!

Pastor Hate got booted from his church.

While the conservatives are bitching about the scourge of "radical Islam", they turn a blind eye to the "radical Christians" who promote the same rhetoric.

Religious extremism is a threat to the United States.


We all mourned the tragedy in Orlando. This terrorist murdered 49 people before the law put him down. As the world mourn the lost of innocence, this asshole pastor from California was excited.

Roger Jimenez was making national news when he said Orlando is a little safer tonight knowing that 50 pedophiles were killed. He only wished "the tragedy [would have taken out] that more of them.

He said that he wasn't one bit upset over this. He wished this terrorist would have finished everyone off.

These comments were condemned by the world and the public went to protest his church.

He laughed at them and said that the junk food media has given him new attendees.

The backlash gotten so much attention, the owner of the property said that Jimenez can practice his religion in his garage.

The property management and owner of the building in which Verity Baptist Church and its Pastor Roger Jimenez preside have decided not to renew the church's lease, and have asked church officials to consider moving.

His attacks on the LGBT and Muslim community are disgusting. In the wake of a tragedy, the concern trolls often find blame with those who aren't the shooter.

This mass shooting has sparked issues on gun violence, hate crimes against Muslims and the LGBT, and terrorism (domestic and international).

This bigot is free to express his bile around the pughs. Unfortunately he's not going to do it at his original location. He's outta of there!

Good riddance.

We mourn with the families of the Orlando tragedy. Our friends in the LGBT and Muslim community have our support.

Watch this with discretion.

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