Thursday, June 30, 2016

Buyer's Remorse!

British Donald Trump cannot win support.

Brits are now starting to see the effects of leaving the European Union. They will lose their right to travel freely to France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. They could lose everything.

Trading would become more expense and the British economy could be a risk of default. The Standard & Poor's rating downgraded the AAA bond rating for the UK.

And even some of the residents are calling for a vote of reinstatement.

The BREXIT was massive.

Now it seems like there is a fall out between crews. Former Lndon Mayor Boris Johnson announced that he would not be running. Johnson had led the charge for the UK to exit the European Union in the Brexit vote, and he was expected to officially launch his campaign to lead the ruling Conservative Party Thursday. Instead, he declared that that that leader "cannot be me," reports the Telegraph, an announcement that followed another stunner by just a matter of minutes: Justice Minister Michael Gove, who had been expected to back Johnson, instead announced that he would be running.

The Guardian provides some analysis: "For Johnson, to be abandoned by the guarantor of his candidacy and his most exalted supporter—and at this particular stage—is the worst setback in his political career." The moves will apparently leave Gove and Home Secretary Theresa May as frontrunners to become the next prime minister in September, and to formally begin the process leading to the UK's exit from the EU. May, unlike Gove, voted to stay in the EU but has said she would respect the referendum's outcome. All this comes as the rival Labour Party is in disarray of its own: Leader Jeremy Corbyn lost a confidence vote but refuses to leave.

The UK Independence Party a side branch of the Conservative Party claimed a victory last week.

They managed to push the United Kingdom out of the European Union. The move caused a global rift in the world economy.

It also sparked a movement for Scotland to declare independence from the crown.

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