Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ohio Woman Kills Boyfriend On His Birthday!

Dayton man shot to death on his birthday, woman arrested
Dayton woman murdered her boyfriend on his birthday.

There was a murder in my community today. The long hot summer once again in Dayton, Ohio.

The city police reports a record month in gun violence in one single month. This incident has close ties to me. I know the shooter. I don't know her personally, but I went to high school with the suspect.

Dayton man shot to death on his birthday, woman arrestedThis was a domestic violence incident. The woman killed her boyfriend on his birthday.

The Dayton Police quickly arrested the woman and booked her on capital murder charges. She will face a judge in the coming days.

Nina Davis used to go my high school back in the late 1990s. Now this woman is the suspect in a fatal homicide in Dayton, Ohio. She murdered 37-year old Travis Smith in their home.

The incident happened on Patton Avenue.

Davis confessed to the crime saying that she and argument before the shooting.

Davis did it in front of her children.

Some cold hearted nonsense in my city.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Travis Smith.

Davis is innocent until guilty. The murder charge alone will put her in the iron college for LIFE. If the prosecutors decide on more than LIFE, it could be the death card. If this was an act of self-defense, Davis would have to prove that the victim was abusive towards her and the family.

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