Monday, May 02, 2016

San Francisco Police "Iced" Itself!

San Francisco Police Department is under fire for officers showing their bias towards suspects.

Crime is colorblind. The concern trolls often single out criminality with Black America. They often are supporters of the police. They believe that the police officers never lie. They believe that police officers can't do no wrong. Anytime #BlackLivesMatter complains about police brutality, unfair hiring of non-White candidates, the unfortunate police shootings of unarmed suspects, conservative say that the activists are "anti-cop" and "racist".

The most progressive city in the nation had to fire some lawmen out the cannon after it was revealed they shared some of the most racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic emails to fellow lawmen.

The police chief ordered all the officers in the city to go retraining. Police Chief Gregory P. Suhr said he will make his officers wear the badge with dignity and respect.

This ongoing scandal of course was not mentioned much in the junk food media. But on social media it's picking up steam.
He better fix the problem or face a cannon firing. San Francisco police chief Gregory Suhr under fire. His officers are acting a fool while on duty.
The city of San Francisco is often considered the most livable cities in the world. It's diversity and openness has attracted many residents to the city. It's also the country's most friendliest towards those in the LGBT community. It's one of the most expensive cities in the nation and some residents are bolting from the Bay Area.

Maybe the split could be because of the lawmen in the city looking at the residents as a bunch of...

Pick your racial, homophobic, or religious intolerance.

Lawmen would share a laugh at the expense of those wrongly convicted or gunned down by law enforcement.

Jason Lai and  Ian Furminger were indicted by the feds for allegations of corruption. They were involved in some of the vice patrols and sexual assault happened. Like the "NO SNITCHIN" theme, the "BLUE WALL OF SILENCE has often led to misconduct by law enforcement.

Most of San Francisco's police force is White.

White men make up 75% of the police force in most urban communities.

The San Francisco Police already under fire after incidents in which unarmed suspects were shot and no accountability was handed to those involved. Suhr promises that everything will be out in the open.

The racist emails and text messages will come to the light. It will give shame to the officers involved.

Their actions could spring the accused out of county lockup, the convicted out of the iron college and the distrust of police city and statewide.

This incident of racial agitation started all the way back in 2014.

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