Saturday, May 07, 2016

Roy Moore Got Iced For Turd Flipping!

Alabama's most infamous judge is back in the news. Roy Moore now trying to battle the will of the Supreme Court.

Bible thumping Alabama chief justice Roy Moore back on the sidelines after a federal judge stripped him of his gavel. Moore was suspended after the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission filed ethics charges against him. Moore will now be tried by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary, and could be removed from the bench if found guilty.

The controversial judge who gained fame in 2004 after his refusal to remove the Ten Commandments from the state capitol is now faced another battle he's losing.

Last year the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal in the United States. Conservatives have seen their grip on the country unravel before their eyes. The conservatives are so fed up with the direction of the country, they are on the verge of nominating Donald Trump, an emboldment of all the rage they've had against the changing society they "want back".

He will not support marriage. He refuses to acknowledge legal battles in the state that involve same-sex couples who still are blocked from obtaining marriage licenses.

Moore, who stated last year he would "not be bound" by the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriages because they change the "organic law" of God, was dismissive of the accusations against him.

The controversial justice along with Robert Bentley, the embattled governor of the state have face allegations of corruption and sexual affairs while in office.

Bentley who is caught up in a sex scandal is under federal watch for allowing his goons rough up people who wanted to blow the whistle on the governor and his tryst with a younger woman who wasn't his wife.

Moore who is defiant said that a transvestite and the merry band of secular activists will not move him. He says that he will get the support from the public and he'll be back on the bench shortly.

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