Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Former SC Cop Faces Federal Indictment!

Slager got served with federal charges.

On top of a possible LIGHTS OUT COCKTAIL, the feds decide to stick former South Carolina officer Michael Slager with charges of violating the civil rights of an unarmed man who was gutted by him.

Walter Scott's name would have been tarnished by conservatives and the #ALLIVESMATTER crowd if it wasn't for an eyewitness showing clearly Slager murdering him in cold blood. Slager who worked for the North Charleston Police did a routine pull over of Scott.

Scott was pulled over. After giving the reason for pull over, Scott bolted from the vehicle and Slager gave chase. He would deploy the Taser on Scott.

Scott would get out of the Taser barbs and that's when Slager would pop his service weapon on him eight times. As Scott was lying on the ground, Slager would kick his Taser over by his dying body.

The South Carolina State Patrol and the U.S. Justice Department served Slager with this charge.

He will appear in federal court today.

Michael Slager is innocent until proven guilty. If found guilty of the state charges, he could face the LIGHTS OUT COCKTAIL or LIFE in the iron college. If found guilty on the civil rights violation charges, he could face 20 years in federal time out.

World News Today continue to send our condolences to the family of Walter Scott.

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