Monday, May 16, 2016

Curbside Offensive!

Revved up!

What happens on the road becomes fodder for social media. A road rage incident in Houston, Texas lead to a physical assault. The Houston metro police are searching for the people involved.

Again once this stuff hits the webs, it's there forever. It could cost the individuals involved, their driver's licenses, their jobs and possibly their freedom.

The person who filmed the incident went to the junk food media to enlighten the public about how ignorant these people are.

David Dao was with his daughter when she recorded the drama on FM 1960 at U.S. 290 in suburban Houston. Of course, she posted it on social media and it lit up a shitstorm of controversy.

A white vehicle was trying to pass a truck at a turn lane but it refused the pass. So I guess one of the people involved got out of the vehicle and confronted the other vehicle and all chaos erupts.

In the video it shows a man trying to calm down a woman who is arguing with another man, who is a passenger inside a white car.

The woman is then seen going back to the white car and saying something to the passenger, who threw a drink at her. The video shows the truck driver coming back into view and kicking the white car's grille.

A brawl erupted as the driver and passenger from the white car chased after the driver of the truck and began serving him a five finger roll with a side toejam jelly. The video shows the woman screaming and trying to break up the fight.

One of the people gave her the five finger roll. The man and woman got back into the truck and slammed their vehicle into the white car and sped off on U.S. 290. The white car sped after them. 

Dao told the junk food media that the four people involved in the fight were close to hitting his car. 

Dao remained calm in his vehicle and asked others to not get involved. He wanted to get out the car but feared the people fighting would see his daughter filming them and go after her. 

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has no record of an accident reported, so it's not known what happened to the drivers once they took off. 

If they are found, each individual will be charged with battery, reckless endangerment and disturbing the peace. No names were revealed at the time. They are innocent until proven guilty.

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