Monday, May 02, 2016

Candice Spivey: I Had To Stop That Perv!

Stop that guy. Get this guy! Call the cops! Call the cops!

The cries of a woman who confronted a man who stalked her inside a Jacksonville area Target.

Candice Spivey gets praise from victim advocates after she called out a Florida man who she said stalked her around the dressing rooms. Candice stated that this man once bothered her while she was inside a grocery store. So as soon as she recognized him, she whips out the camera phone and starts recording him strike up a conversation that started becoming uncomfortable.

She would say "hey, you remember me from the [last encounter]", and flashes the camera phone on him. He had the deer in the headlights look and started bolting from the Target.

She would chase him asking bystanders and employees to call the cops and stop this guy.

Of course, people who witnessed the event were cautiously nervous about it. The witnesses had the "I don't want to get involved because I might be....."

The perv was out by the social media. The law would nab this guy after he ran a few lights trying to avoid a bystander getting his license.

He was identified as Jeffrey Polizzi and he was busted.

Now he's facing a slew of criminal charges from this encounter. Matter of fact, he didn't just stalk Candice, but other women and the law is asking for information.

Candice said that the perv was with his children at a local Publix store and he started asking normal run-of-the mill questions. He would then stroll into the creepy asshole section. He would sneak a picture of Candice either bending over or mid blouse.

She filmed this video on April 27th and posted on Facebook. As soon as she posted the video it went viral and scored over 2 million and counting.

“When he approached me yesterday he did not remember who I was, until I called him out on it in this video. When he approached me in Publix two years ago he had two small children with him under the age of three in his shopping cart. The basket of his shopping cart was filled with multiple different types of razors that were for both men and women. He starts out his conversation with the same punch line he uses here in the very beginning of this video saying, ‘Hey there I don’t mean to bother you but I just bought this maxi dress for my wife at Ross and I was kinda worried about the sheerness of it.'”
Candice Spivey ain't a piece of meat. She gave a perv a social media and public shaming.
“He says his wife has put on weight after giving birth and he uses her as a way to start asking questions that get extremely inappropriate. For instance he starts asking [if] his wife should wear the maxi dress with no panties, and if she should shave ‘down there’ trying to make it seem very innocent in the way he’s asking. He then asks if you’re wearing panties, etc.”

Polizzi had a notorious history of hiding cameras inside his shoes, his glasses and books. He was charged with voyeurism before and if these charges hang on his neck, he might have to register as a TIER II sex offender. He may spend time in the iron college for this.

Polizzi is innocent until proven guilty.

World News Today give a special shout out to Candice Spivey. She took the bold risk of confronting a bully who made her feel like a victim. She said that this perv isn't going to make her a victim.

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