Monday, May 23, 2016

Black Women Are Leading In Education!

I happened to pick up a story from Addicting Info. This website that I frequently go had a story that made me smile. The negative images of Black women are being spread around the internet by conservative and racial agitators.

Addicting Info got word hat the National Center for Education Statistics has a report online about the futures of Black women achieving the dream.

“From 1999–2000 to 2009–10, the percentage of degrees earned by females remained between approximately 60 and 62 percent for associate’s degrees and between 57 and 58 percent for bachelor’s degrees. In contrast, the percentages of both master’s and doctor’s degrees earned by females increased from 1999–2000 to 2009–10. Within each racial/ethnic group, women earned the majority of degrees at all levels in 2009–10. For example, among U.S. residents, Black females earned 68 percent of associate’s degrees, 66 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 71 percent of master’s degrees, and 65 percent of all doctor’s degrees awarded to Black students.”

Black women are unappreciated and underprivileged. They are often looked upon as "unwed mothers", "welfare queens", "monkeys" and "bitches".

This comes as no surprise. Usually conservatives attack Black women who are powerful.

First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the most frequent targets of ridicule of conservatives. Mrs. Obama is a highly educated Black woman.
Krystal Lake, a well educated women was reprimanded for wearing a political hat at Home Depot. She got death threats and calls for a cannon firing after she spoke her mind about Donald Trump.
In my last posting, a satirist drew an offensive caricature of Mrs. Obama looking like a man with a bulge and broad shoulders next to the bubbly smiling Melania Trump. The satirist drew Trump in a negative fashion as well. Instead of calling her a business executive, he basically labeled her a trophy wife and bimbo.

Beyonce is a passionate activist and successful pop singer. She often reacts like most Americans to issues that face Black citizens. She made a video that reacted to the rage Black America has against a system that often is against them. To conservatives, they attack her for being anti-cop, a bad role model and talentless.

And of course, Romeo Rose, the loser who wants women to love him. He would degrade Black women as primates and said their lips look like rubber bands.

The conservatives and those in the Republican Party delegitimize people they don't like. They impose the fear and distrust towards others. Black women in power such as Baltimore city prosecutor Marilyn Mosby are often ridiculed as "cop-killers" and not professionals who are entitled to charge individuals for criminal acts.

Matter of fact, a young Black woman who wore an anti-Trump hat got attacked by trolls on social media. The Home Depot worker wore a "America was never great" hat to protest Donald Trump's ignorance and the conservatives went ape shit on her. Krystal Lake of Staten Island got death threats and calls for her cannon firing after she posted it on social media.

Black women are often look passed for jobs and education. Black women make less than White men and women combined.

Again, I can't stand Republicans! I don't like the Democrats either. Conservatives are racists and they don't hide the fact they are. Liberals are racists who pretend to be your friends and pretend to acted concerned when the issue becomes a matter of media attention.

Neither party cares about the needs of women of color.

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