Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dropping The Bomb On "Stupidity"!

Destiny Watson (Provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
In order to pull off a dine-and-dash, woman calls in a fake bomb threat.

Destiny Watson wins the "You Can't Fix Stupid" award for calling in a fake robbery threat to get out of fast food bill. The Cincinnati area woman was at a Gold Star Chili eating her heart's content.

When she was given a bill, she say that she had to go to the restroom to find her credit card, "she will be back!" In the restroom she phones in 911. She said that the Gold Star Chili location had a robbery and there's a bomb inside.

It didn't take long before the police and fire department arrived. They questioned the workers asking them if there's any suspicious activity in the area. The worker said no. So as the woman exits the restroom, the law questions her.

Watson consents to a search of her purse and phone. She admits to make a bomb threat to skip a bill.
A Taste of Cincinnati, Gold Star Chili. 
Watson was booked in the Hamilton County lockup on charges of inducing panic, misuse of 911, and theft. She has a court date in the coming days.

Her dine-and-dash "bombed". The law said that Watson made the situation even more troubling seeing that the location in Mt. Healthy was actually robbed by three assailants. They ended up robbing customers and workers.

Watson is innocent until proven guilty and if found guilty she could face a year in the iron college and a hefty fine.

Of course, she might be banned for life from area Gold Star Chili locations.

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