Thursday, May 19, 2016

Equally Hated!

Donald Trump is leading in some polls against Hillary Clinton. The public equally hates them and Bernie Sanders.

In hypothetical polling, Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by five points. The Republicans are seething with joy knowing that Clinton's prolong fight with Bernie Sanders is hurting her in the general. Sanders leads Trump by a seven points in a hypothetical poll.

Trump also got some praise for his very mention of possible Supreme Court nominees if he becomes the president. Trump's picks for the court already cause a great deal of controversy.

The Republicans have ignored their constitutional duties to confirm President Barack Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court Merrick Garland. The death of conservative justice Antonin Scalia gave the Republicans more enthusiasm to winning. They prolong the nomination of Gerrick because they hate the fact that Obama is still in office. They fear that if Obama gets his pick confirmed or Clinton wins, conservatism will lose. The Democrats warn Republicans if Trump wins, they will do him like they've done Obama.

Republicans know that the changing demographics aren't in their favor. So in order to gain a little bit of support, they'll rehash old news to stop Clinton. The allegations thrown at Clinton have started to stick. Matter of fact, Trump's "crooked Hillary" name is now a Republican talking point.

Sanders is also getting flack for having no control over his supporters. Many in the junk food media claim that he's acting like a sore loser. Conservative agitators (i.e.The Drudgelist, Old fart Rush Limbaugh and Softball Hannity) are spewing kookspiracies theories about Clinton "stealing" the nomination from Sanders.

Sanders's supporters are starting to get riled up. Now you're hearing that they'll vote for Trump over Clinton. Of course, liberals who support a sexist, Islamophobic, narcissist asshole are not really supporters of Sandres. They're just trolls who want to create chaos in the Democratic Party.

If you agree that Muslims should be banned from the United States and you're a Bernie Sanders supporter, then you're head is screwed on wrong.

If you agree that illegal immigrants are bringing in drugs, crime, disease and you're a Bernie Sanders supporter, then you're head is screwed on wrong.

As you know, Bernie Sanders joins Clinton and Trump as heavily disliked. His supporters kind of pissed off the Democratic Party. And with good reason. In their minds, they believe that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) was rigging the primary for Clinton.
Bernie Sanders's negatives are going up.
I agree that the congresswoman is inept. For the sake of the party, she should bow out.

Sanders's problem is the informed public. Most of the public isn't familiar with socialism and they aren't familiar with him. They know enough about Trump and Clinton and they're not really inspired by their messages.

Although Trump gets most of the attention, Republicans seriously believe that the junk food media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

Softball Hannity is feeding Trump these allegations of Bill Clinton cheating in another desperate attempt to distract the public from Trump's inept responses to policies. Softball Hannity is a huge concern troll and the most annoying person to ever have a radio or television show. He ignores the allegations of cheating from Trump and hasn't asked the Republican about how to fix the economy or bring back jobs. All Trump's stated so far is platitudes and Republicans are soaking it up. He stuck on this notion that being politically incorrect is the key to winning elections.

Republicans have no real ideas. The Republicans in Congress wasted two session of Congress demonizing Clinton over Benghazi, Obama over the Affordable Care Act, his executive orders, the IRS, the TSA, unions, Planned Parenthood, NPR, and Facebook.

Republicans in control of Congress enacted only 14% of the laws. The current job approval of Congress is 9% job approval. That's terrible and I believe that if Clinton, Sanders or Trump become the 45th President of the United States, they will have the most unproductive Congress ever.

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