Sunday, May 22, 2016

Still No Likes!

At the NRA Convention, the gun owners are embracing Donald Trump as he seals the deal as the Republican's choice for president. 

Trump riding a halo of  junk food media coverage says to the NRA that his challengers will destroy the Second Amendment. The usual scare tactics that the gun lobby always push in the wake of a mass shooting, a Supreme Court nominee and an election year. 

Trump's glowing with Republicans as talk of an insurgent candidate is now yesterday news.

About 8 out of 10 Republicans are supporting the controversial billionaire. 

There are four polls saying that Trump is leading in some polls against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. And it seems that Republicans are willing to settle with Trump over Clinton. They all believe that Trump's rhetoric could damage America, but they just can't stand Hillary Clinton. 

Clinton still facing a problem. The bitterness of Bernie Sanders. The Sanders campaign is throwing everything they got against Clinton and DNC chief, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). The Sanders campaign is making the claims that the Democratic Party rigged the system against him. 

Sanders is currently a Vermont senator who is an independent who caucuses with Democrats. When he wanted to run for president, he had to declare himself a Democrat in order to run for president. 

He was told about the rules and supported them at the time. Now we're in the final leg of the campaign and Sanders is complaining that he's not winning because of the rules he supported in the beginning and feeding conservatives this notion that the "superdelegates" were in the tank for Clinton all along. His supporters are taking it to head and are threatening to cause chaos at the convention. 

Sanders who recently endorsed the Democratic candidate running against Wasserman Schultz. The Sanders's endorsement giving the notion that his feud with the Florida lawmaker has reached critical mass.

The Republicans are joyful that Sanders is staying in the race. They hope the Democrats have a brokered convention in Philadelphia. The junk food media was hoping that Republicans were going to have a brokered convention. It didn't happened. Trump managed to knock 16 potentials (including haloed Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Ben Carson) right out.

Democrats are concerned that Sanders will weaken Clinton. Clinton carries baggage. Sanders does better against Trump until the Republicans start going after him.

Republicans will play on sexism, ageism and racism to win. Clinton, Sanders and President Barack Obama are catnip to the junk food media.

On that note, Trump, Clinton and Sanders are favored negatively by the general public. 

Sanders staying in the race and his supporters are driving his negatives up. The public thinks that Sanders is a "sore loser" and "spoiler". I voted for Sanders in the Ohio primary and I'm concerned that both Democratic candidates will lose to Trump. 

I still believe that Sanders is viable but I am starting see concern that whomever becomes the nominee for the Democratic Party, the person will have to do a lot of work to repair the damage done.

Trump has the highest negatives in this campaign. Clinton follows close behind. This is going to be a historical first, both candidates are universally disliked by the general public. 

Trump has a 51% chance of being the president. Clinton has a 96% chance of being the Democratic nominee. Clinton has a 54% chance at being the president. Sanders has a 20% chance of being the Democratic nominee. Sanders has a 49% chance of being the president.

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