Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Looking Real Sick!

Ted Cruz ends the race in embarrassment. He accidently jabs his wife Heidi in the face.

Failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz elbows his wife on his way out. Many conservative agitators in the junk food media blame The Drudge Report and Fox News for Cruz's brutal loss.

Some conservatives are turning on their own. That annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity is feuding with Glenn Beck and Mark Levin over his ass-kissing coverage of Donald Trump.

It's no secret that the old fart Rush Limbaugh, Drudge and Hannity once again created the toxic environment for Republicans. The cheerleading from these three has hurt them with conservatives. Now conservatives are tempted to vote for an insurgent to stop the insurgent.

Trump's rhetoric could hurt Republicans in the general election. Right now, I am not sure on who could be the next president. I mean it's difficult to determine seeing that Trump and Hillary Clinton are both polarizing candidates.

Republicans have lost elections because of these three agitators. We can thank them for President Barack Obama.

John Kasich will head back to Ohio with his tail in between his legs. I guess Indiana did it for him too. The Ohio governor announced he is suspending his campaign.

In Columbus, Kasich delivers a 20 minute statement saying that he's dedicated to helping Republicans win but refused to endorse Trump.

The old fart Limbaugh said that Kasich staying in the race damaged Cruz. The kookspiracy going around the webs is that Kasich was intentionally hurting Cruz so he could become a vice president nominee if Trump selects him. Kasich shot down the notion of being vice president.

Trump said that he's willing to take Kasich, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio as running mates.

Trump is assured the nomination. He clearly has this wrapped up and now many Republicans are in deep concern whether he's viable enough to defeat Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee.
John Kasich finally ends his embarrassing quest for president.
Bernie Sanders is still in the race, but the junk food media is going to ignore him soon. Clinton's delegate lead is so close it's almost likely if she fails at winning the final primaries, she will have enough to avert a contested convention.

Cruz ended his campaign in Indiana after he was trounced by rival Donald Trump. Cruz was none too happy about losing to a reality television star.

I can imagine that Cruz will get payback against Trump if he was to become the President of the United States. He will stall all the nominees that a hypothetical Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump brings forth.

The controversial billionaire is the Republican presumptive nominee. He single handedly beaten the establishment.

Trump will head to Cleveland to get the nomination. Will the establishment Republicans show up?

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