Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monkey Business!

Gorilla was killed after grabbing boy. International outrage aimed at the Cincinnati Zoo and the parents of the boy.

I've ignored this because I wanted no part of this. I was heartbroken about the death of a gorilla being killed at the world famous Cincinnati Zoo. International backlash has sparked calls for arresting the parents.

The network that devotes its time to giving Donald Trump all access is now outing the family of the boy who got into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The family of the boy who got into the enclosure got death threats after outrage over the killing of 17 year old Harambe. Of course, I found out why?

They were Black. 

The network devoted to trashing #BlackLivesMatter went on to discussing the controversy. 

Raw Story picked up on the father of the boy. Deonne Dickerson was mentioned by Fox News as having a "lengthy criminal record". Deonne wasn't at the zoo but the very mention of his background is surely dog whistle. 
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The parents of the boy who got into a gorilla enclosure got death threats. Trolls started playing the racial blame game.
The network scrubbed the fact that Deonne changed his life around, Like all parents, he was shocked and scared that his son ended up in this situation. He and mother Michelle Gregg both express sorrow for the gorilla being killed by zoo officials. No one wanted this happen. It was an accident.

The junk food media is slamming the parents and the zoo for the death. The Cincinnati Police and Hamilton County sheriff is investigating if charges should be filed.

Read the article from Shaun King. He notes that the media's obsession with the race of the child and parents is a disgrace. He said that other victims of animal attacks at zoos were ignored. Race didn't become a matter when the victim was killed.

World News Today send our condolences to Harambe. Silverback gorillas are critically endangered species.

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