Tuesday, May 03, 2016

50 Cent Admits He Has Half-a-Brain!

When 50 Cent came to Dayton to promote his Effin Vodka, he took a flight out of Cincinnati.

The rapper was at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport in Erlanger, Kentucky.

He shares some of his daily routine on social media and his fans love it.

The rapper whipped out a camera and started filming a worker. He decided to rim on the worker.

The rapper was dumping on a worker by accused him of being high. He said that airport worker Andrew Farrell looks like he's high and retarded. He publicly humiliated the worker on social media.

He was unaware that the worker was autistic.

The capo of The Unit now faces a national backlash from the junk food media for his childish behavior. He managed to get his vodka pulled off the shelves of liquor stores.

He also got tongue lashed by those in the entertainment community for being such an ass.
50 Cent was using his iPhone to mock a Cincinnati airport worker.
50 admits that he's an idiot and released a press statement telling the public he was sorry for acting a fool at the airport. He wrote the apology to Andrew saying it wasn't his intentions to insult a man doing his job.

Farrell said that 50's actions were ignorant and he wants the rapper to meet him at a center for autistic children. So far, no word on 50 making any other appearance since the controversy.

At the local Arrow Spirits and Wine, the owner decided that he's not going to be associated with the rapper's products after he posted that on social media. He thanked 50 for coming to Dayton to give autographs to the shoppers but he doesn't want that reputation to hang on his store.

Who is the most dumbest rapper?

Chris Brown
Meek Mill
50 Cent
Kanye West
poll creator

So as you see above, a poll. I added a few new entities to this poll. After all, last poll clearly went to Tyga as being the most dumbest rapper.

Will 50 Cent steal the thunder from Tyga?

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