Monday, April 04, 2016

Trump Outfoxed The Chief!

Trump got dirt on Roger Ailes.

Splashed on The Huffington Post today was a story about Donald Trump and his ongoing feud with Fox News and its agitator Megyn Kelly.

Trump's war against Kelly began at the first Republican debate in Cleveland when he was given a question about his treatment of women. Trump's reaction to her and Fox News was supposed to be the end of his campaign.

Fast forward to now.

Trump's holding a little bit of dirt on Fox News. According to an article being published by New York Magazine, Gabriel Sherman reveals how Trump came to possess some deep shit going on in Roger Ailes' circle. Sherman says that this information could damage the reputation of Ailes and his network.

Here's the splash.
The Huffington Post
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Fox News is by far the cable news leader. It's often beating most primetime shows in 3:1 ratio.

The network has long being question for journalistic ethics. Most conclude that Fox News is in favor of the Republican and conservative policies.

Roger Ailes fired a longtime aid to his inner circle. Brian Lewis was fired out the cannon after a story turned up about Ailes carrying a firearm to work and fearing Muslims may attack him. Lewis told the junk food media that Roger got enemies and these enemies could expose him.

The Donald may have been getting practically kiss ass coverage from the country's most annoying conservative agitator. Sean Hannity, is by far the worst conservative agitator to ever host a show. He's nothing more than a screaming parrot of Republican talking points, insults and name dropping.

The Ted Cruz campaign vowed to never go on Hannity's show anymore because the annoying conservative agitator brought up the alleged sex scandal.

He was demoted to 10pm back in 2013 after his show entitled "Hannity" was losing to Rachel Maddow.

The network is not so keen on a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz presidency.

Roger Ailes has privately told people that "Trump has no chance" of being the president.

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