Thursday, April 21, 2016

People's Most Beautiful....You Know The Routine!

Jennifer Aniston appears on People's Most Beautiful Again!

Here we go again. I'm getting so freaking tired of this. I am sure glad that People Magazine decides on who's beautiful. Once again, the cover graces another celebrity who isn't....well you know.

Jennifer Aniston, once again graces the cover of the Most Beautiful Women for 2016.

Not saying much other than my usual rant over how it just continues to embrace White actors and actresses on the cover of that tabloid trash.

Beauty is skin deep and I want you to know who I really think should embrace the cover of People.

I mean there were only four people of color who graced the cover of People's Most Beautiful.

Halle Berry
Jennifer Lopez
Lupita Nyong'o

Matter of fact, they haven't have a man of color or a plus size woman grace the cover of People.

I am utterly disappointed once again in People and they way they cover celebrities.

I am not a fan of the junk food media. Celebrity agitation is a part of the junk food media.

Do You Notice A Pattern With People Magazine?

Most of their covers have White celebrities. People Magazine ignores celebrities of color, plus size women and disabled celebrities.
It's giving the perception that you have to rich and powerful to be the "Most Beautiful".
It's their right to put whoever on the front cover. It's not racism. It's business and they know who sells .

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