Sunday, April 24, 2016

Miami Hospital Fires Irate Uber Girl Out The Cannon!

Medical doctor who acted a fool while riding with Uber got fired out the cannon.

Worldwide condemnation came full circle today. The 28-year old 5' foot 100 lbs. medical doctor from Miami, Florida got fired out the cannon after she embarrassed herself and her hospital. Anjali Ramkissoon was placed in the freezer after a video surfaced showing her acting a fool towards an Uber driver.

The now famous video shows Ramkissoon hopping into an Uber driver's vehicle. The driver told her that she wasn't his pickup. The woman highly intoxicated went on a furious rampage.

She would knee him in the family jewels. He would push her to the ground. She quickly got up and hopped into the ride. Ramkissoon would eventually get the man's keys, phone and flyers.

She would literally destroy everything in his car before exiting and heading down the road.

The law was dispatched to the location. The person who was the actual rider filmed it and shared it online.
Pretty stupid. Doctor's social media antics cost her job.
It went through 6.5 million hits.

It lead to Ramkissoon giving an apology and reimbursement to the driver.

But the damage was done. She was widely condemned by the public for being a classless jerk. A privileged spoiled brat. She would get death threats and ridicule online.

Ramkissoon had shut down her social media. Uber terminated her contract for LIFE.

Now she won't be working Jackson Health Systems. She will have the right to appeal the decision.

The most infamous thing said by Ramkissoon was what led to her cannon firing.

So far she announced that she is in treatment for alcohol addiction and is hoping that the ugly memory of this event is put behind her.

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