Monday, April 25, 2016

Lindsay Lohan Begs For Attention!

Troubled celebrity found Allah!

From A-list celebrity to D-list. The troubled entertainer is about to fail at another feat, Islam.

I am certainly wondering when this will last! Lindsay Lohan announced that she's converting to Islam after seeing the sunrise.

Lohan has a record of failure.

Lohan has been a troubled celebrity since the mid-2000s. She tried and failed at music. She's been partying hard. Drinking booze, smoking the weed, snorting the snow and shooting the arm candy.

She's dated men and women. She's broken too many hearts.

Many in Hollywood have said that she's extremely difficult to work with.

Now she's blackballed.

Lohan was a household name when she played in the Tina Fey's produced movie Mean Girls.

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