Monday, April 04, 2016

Islamophobia Stings Worse Than The Bees!

Conservatives mock American Muslims being attacked by killer bees. 

Our friends over at Raw Story had a story that was posted on the conservative Craigslist. The website linked an article in regards to an event that happened over the weekend.

A Islamic temple in Phoenix was invaded by a bee swarm.

It linked to the Fox Nation website. The Muslim Community Mosque of Metro Phoenix was hit by a swarm of the aggressive African colonized bees. The bugs managed to sting 20 worshippers.

The spokesperson for the mosque said that animal control will handle the situation. They will safely remove the bees.

Well it seems like racism and xenophobia isn't far away. Some people came from underneath the bandwidth bridge to mock the incident and bring President Barack Obama into the conversation.

Some of the word vomit was extreme. So far I've read a few of these inflammatory remarks.

One poster said that "Bees are doing more for our national security than the president".

Another comment was even more vulgar. "A press statement from Obama was just issued. He apologized to the Muslims for Racist Bee Violence.

Another one commented saying that "Further investigation revealed that these Bees were reincarnated Muslim terrorists that killed themselves and found out the virgin thing was a lie!!!! So now they are seeking revenge.,lol!"

These were some of the offensive word vomit from conservatives. It's vile, ugly and just utterly stupid.

These are the voters that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich want.

A bunch of condescending racist bigots.

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