Sunday, April 03, 2016

Hamburger Helper Actually Made A Mixtape!

Hamburger Helper releases Watch The Stove on iTunes.

General Mills releases an actual mixtape.

Watch The Stove is actually a mixtape released by Lefty, the Hamburger Helper mascot. It's a good mixtape. As an April Fool's Prank, the company wanted to give Lefty some real beef.

The title is a mocking of Jay-Z and Kanye West's album Watch The Throne.

It takes a shot at Meek Mill. Because remember in July, the Philly rapper was engaged in a serious rap beef with Drake. Drake served him hard. And General Mills couldn't resist making Meek Mill the butt of their promotional campaign. General Mills reached out to music manager/educator Craig Rice for help putting the project together. Rice, a teacher at McNally Smith College of Music in Minnesota and had Toki Wright as the performer of the mixtape.
In the mix, Lefty recording the mixtape.
Wright is an established hip-hop artist having released albums with Rhymesayers, Wright is also the Department Head of the nation’s first fully accredited Hip-hop Studies Diploma and Minor Program at the school. Jumping at the chance to get his students involved in a project that could reach a large audience, they got to work.

Now I am going to be strictly honest about it. It's a creative and yes controversial way to sell a product.

Stay fed, people!

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