Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Former House Perv Heads To Federal Time Out!

The longest serving House Speaker is the biggest pervert to ever exist.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is heading to federal time out. He admits that he had numerous affairs with boys when he was then a coach a local high school. The former lawmaker from Illinois was the longest serving Speaker in history.

His legacy of hypocrisy came full circle today. The 75-year old was wheeled into federal court in Chicago to face the music.

The former Congressman will now head to federal time out for hiding money.

He hid money for one of his victims who ended up as one of  his mistresses.

Now his reputation is forever tarnished as a child molester and pervert.

The judge put his ass in the federal time out for 15 months. Unfortunate it wasn't LIFE in the federal time out.

The former speaker says he's deeply sorry for this shit. Yeah, right!

This statute of limitations prevented him from being charged with sexual abuse.

Hastert must now register as a sex offender for the rest of his life once he exits the federal time out.

He will now payback those he's abused.

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