Sunday, April 03, 2016

Cheddar Jack Cruz!

Wisconsin is leaning to Ted Cruz and it could be a blowout for the controversial Texas senator.

Conservatives in the state have mounted war against Donald Trump and Ohio governor John Kasich.

Trump had some major derailment these last two weeks.

Failed presidential candidate and current Wisconsin governor Scott Walker endorsed Cruz in a last ditch effort to stop Trump from winning the nomination. Perennial loser Mitt Romney endorsed Cruz for president in his last hurrah for relevance. Both have openly said that they may sit it out if Trump is the nominee.

So far it's working.

Cruz is leading in the state by 10 points. The Cruz campaign gained momentum in the wake of allegations of an affair with five women. Trump's attack on Heidi Cruz was a bad move.

Not to mention the incident in Florida where Trump's right hand thug Corey Lewandowski shoving conservative agitator Michelle Fields.

Even Trump's strongest backer, former Alaskan half-termer Sarah Palin flopped at a Wisconsin Republican dinner.

Many conservatives agitators in Wisconsin have tried to sabotage Trump.

The media mogul went on a radio program and got his ass handed to him by a radio agitator who was in favor of Ted Cruz. Then when he went to MSNBC to engage conversation with Hardball's Chris Matthews, he said that women should be punished for having abortions. That lit a shit storm with Republicans who whisper the message. They hated the fact he used the bullhorn. Trump's foreign policy flopped as well. Now he's doing damage control and warning that if he fails at winning the nomination, he will engage in an insurgent candidacy.

Trump, Cruz and Kasich vowed to not support the Republican nominee if its not them.

They complain that Republicans threaten to nominate a candidate who hasn't ran. House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin lawmaker and former vice presidential nominee is considering taking control of the situation by becoming the nominee.

Also Cruz gained a victory today. North Dakota's delegates went to him in a landslide. The state's Republican convention nominated Cruz as their candidate of choice.

Wisconsin's primary is two days away. Cruz and Bernie Sanders are leading in the state polls.

Sanders is leading by a narrow lead of 4 points against Hillary Clinton.

Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont who is running as a Democrat for the nomination is catching up with Clinton. He's scored a huge bank of donations. He raked in $35 million in the month of March. Sanders promises to stay in the race until the convention.

Even though he's trailing in the delegates, he's showing signs of life in states like California and New York. Clinton currently leads in these states but Sanders running a stronger offense is likely to make the states a challenge for the former first lady and secretary of state.

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