Monday, April 18, 2016

Andrew Jackson Can't Feel His Face!

The U.S. Treasury may scrap Old Hickory's image.

They were considering replacing Alexander Hamilton on the $10.00 bill. That idea was scrapped.

Now, it seems that U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew scrapped the idea. He's decided to give Andrew Jackson the boot. The $20.00 bill is the most common denomination used in currency exchange.

Andrew Jackson does have a shoddy history as a U.S. president. He was an angry, old, ignorant man.

He was well respected among the military. He was disliked among liberals and moderates.

Andrew Jackson, meanwhile, a War of 1812 hero, was a slave owner. Even more perniciously, Jackson carried out an "Indian removal" policy as president. Much of his popularity before the presidency came from his many wars against Native Americans — some of them, including an invasion of Florida, done illegally.

If it wasn't for BlackLivesMatter, you wouldn't have this happen. Jackson was responsible for the "Trial of Tears" massacre. He signed off the Indian Removal Act to eradicate Native Americans from American investments. They would end up eliminating areas. To this day, Indian reservations are the spoils of Native Americans who lost their land to American exceptionalism.

He was also corrupt. He would give positions to his family, his friends and people who helped him along the way.

Jackson was considered the founding father of the Democratic Party. Usually the conservative talking points would be the Democrats were the enablers of slavery, the real racist party and whatever else they pull out their ass.

To get rid of Jackson will not happen overnight. The bill could be replaced in 2030 if the inept lawmakers in Congress agrees on it.

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