Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Empire State Of Lies!

CNN and the Associated Press reports that Donald Trump wins the Republican Primary in New York.

He blew out the competition. Trump dealt a blow to Ted Cruz who secured victories in Wyoming and Colorado. Cruz's comments about New York values ended up hurting him. Many New York Republicans were pissed that Cruz took shots at the state as well as blocking disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy.

John Kasich secures second place but it will net him no delegates. Kasich has no mathematical way to win the Republican nomination.

Cruz who came in a distance third felt the sting of angry New York voters. He thought that he could muster enough anti-Trump support from the Upper-Tier of New York. It didn't work.

CNN and the Associated Press reports that Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Primary in New York.

Hillary Clinton wins in a huge landslide. This came as a close call for the former secretary of state.

She deals a huge blow to Bernie Sanders. Sanders who last week attracted over 20,000 supporters to his rally didn't muster enough support from grassroots.

Sanders and his attacks on Wall Street didn't dent the lead that Clinton had. The Bern trolls and their threats on Superdelegates and the "corporate whore" comments didn't help much either.

Clinton carries forth a large share of delegates in the state.

Even that annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity was trying his hardest to rack up mud.

Hannity and David Webb went to random Sanders supporters and got them to troll negative comments on Clinton.

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