Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mississippi Mom Takes A Cruz!

Mississippi woman is being called Miss Cruz.

The junk food media spotted a guest who was on the Maury show who looks eerily similar to struggling presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Mediaite gets the goods on the woman who is shocked that people think she could be a long lost daughter or sister of the Republican senator from Texas.

The woman went on the show, which was broadcast on Monday, because her partner feared she had been unfaithful - but she passed lie-detector tests and DNA results showed her child was his.

She told Maury in a short video broadcast on the show's Facebook page: "I had never heard of Ted Cruz."
Hayes’ brush with fame began on Monday when her appearance on The Maury Povich Show aired 
Never heard of him.
Searcy Hayes, is a 21 year old mother from Natchez, Mississippi. She looks like the female version of the world's most hated politician. She and her boyfriend took part in a DNA test to see whether he was indeed the father of her baby son Jayden Tyler Green - with Hayes later posting news of the positive result on Facebook.

Her boyfriend, Freddie Nathan Green Jr, is also an active social media user and has a Facebook profile littered with pictures of Hayes and their son.

And being the most hated politician is a title that Cruz wears like a badge. Now Searcy is facing harsh criticism from online trolls saying that she's ugly and making her the target of ridicule.

Searcy told the junk food media, she's not interested in helping Cruz. She wishes him well, though.

She rather Make America Be Great Again!

"I don’t know his positions and I’ve never seen him, so I don’t know if he’s done a good enough job to be reelected."
Mississippi mom who looks like Ted Cruz supports his rival Donald Trump.
Now she's getting offers from social media. XHamster, a porn streaming website offered her a $10,000 deal to make a parody porn about Ted Cruz. They seriously believe that Cruz had numerous affairs and they're willing to pay women the opportunity to tell their side of their story.

The woman is willing to do it. And XHamster will exclusively produce any video she chooses to participate in. She and her boyfriend moved across the Mississippi River and live in a trailer park in Louisiana. This money would help her move out of that area and into a house.

Her boyfriend gave his blessings.

Many porn companies have blocked access to North Carolina over their controversial restroom law.

XHamster led the way to pushing a DOS on North Carolina. So if you want to see BBW porn with Searcy "Miss Cruz" Hayes, head to Virginia.

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