Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tater Bucks Mom With Boyfriend's Gun!

The Milwaukee County sheriff department may file charges against the boyfriend for negligent homicide and child endangering . The boyfriend who is a security guard at local business left his firearm in his girlfriend's ride.

Patrice Price, a 26 year old mother of three was on her way to pick up her boyfriend when her 2-year old son found the firearm underneath the front seat. The boy grabbed the gun and it went off striking Patrice in the head.

Patrice was on the highway when the incident occurred.

As she was shot the vehicle crashes into the barrier. The grandmother who was riding with Patrice held onto the 1-year old son at the time. She was shocked that her ignorant boyfriend left his firearm in a place that children could reach.

The children weren't in proper seating.

The Milwaukee police and county sheriff's department are investigating how this horrific tragedy happened. The boyfriend was a security guard. He left his firearm inside the vehicle.

This comes a few weeks after a woman named Jamie Gilt nearly lost her life to her son finding her firearm under her truck seat. Gilt was a conservative agitator who supported gun rights and rallied against President Barack Obama's executive orders on gun violence.

This also is a week since the tragic shootings in Ohio. The Ohio incident involving eight members of a family may have bigger implications than expected. The Rhodan family was digital dashing with the weed. Ohio lawmen say that the grow operation may have ties to cartels.

World News Today send our condolences to Patrice Price and those lost to senseless gun violence.

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